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L&T Technology Services | TECHgium 7th Edition | Global Innovation Challenge | Invitation to Register and chance for Pre-Placement Interviews

L&T Technology Services | TECHgium 7th Edition | Global Innovation Challenge | Invitation to Register and chance for Pre-Placement Interviews

by Vikram Singh Rajput -
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Dear Students,

L&T Technology Services has announced and invites you to be a part of the seventh edition of TECHgium® !


TECHgium® is a multi-stage Innovation competition by L&T Technology Services for students across the world.

 TECHgium® provides a platform for

  • Students to engage on real-world industry use cases and challenges to come up with solutions and taking a step towards industry readiness.
  • For institutes and faculty to engage with industry challenge statements along with the students and thereby taking steps towards bridging gap between industry and academia.  
  • Top 3 winning teams take away prizes worth 18Lakhs.

 The below is the process for TECHgium registration and participation. Registration of the institutes is mandatory to generate the unique institute ID.


Step1: Institute registration

                                                               i.      Institute has already registered on TECHgium portal ( This process generated a unique institute id. 

                                                             ii.      The Unique Institute Code: MPGWAE6091849

Step2: Student registration

                                                           iii.      Students (pre-final and final year of their engineering degree) register on the portal and use the unique institute id to complete their respective registration

Step3:  Challenge Statement selection by students and concept submission

                                                           iv.      Students view the challenge statements available on TECHgium portal. Any queries can also be submitted through the portal.

                                                             v.      Students submit concept note against selected challenge statement on the portal.

                                                           vi.      Students have the option to invite faculty from their institutes as mentor who can guide them through this journey.

Shortlisted students move to Stage2


Step4: Presentation Round

                                                               i.      Students work on presentation around the concept suggested by them in stage1.

                                                             ii.      Shortlisted students are invited for a presentation to a Jury identified by LTTS

Shortlisted students move to Stage3.


Step5: Proof Of Concept (POC) Demonstration

                                                               i.      Students work on a POC of their solution.

                                                             ii.      Students showcase their POC to Jury identified by LTTS.

                                                           iii.      Students demonstrating POCs have option to appear for LTTS recruitment process

Shortlisted students move to Stage 4 finale presentation.


Step6: Finale Presentation

                                                               i.      Presentation by students to LTTS identified Jury.

  1. Stage5:

Step7: Award Ceremony

                                                               i.      Top 3 Winner announcement.


Top 3 Prizes

1st Prize ~ 10 Lakhs

2nd Prize ~ 5 Lakhs

3rd Prize ~ 3 Lakhs


Apart from the awards and prizes for the winners, all the participants presenting in the POC demonstration round of this competition will be called for Pre-Placement process at LTTS.

 We look forward to an enthusiastic participation in TECHgium® 7th Edition by our students and faculty members.

  Link to Register : (


T&P Cell,

MITS Gwalior