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AMCAT Assessment Test Free of Cost @ MITS Gwalior for 2nd & 3rd Year students on 27th & 28th Jan, 2021 // Employability Skill Assessments under TEQIP Phase – III

by Vikram Singh Rajput -
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Dear Students, (B.Tech. - II & III Year)

T&P Cell, MITS Gwalior is providing facility for all II & III year students to give AMCAT Assessment Test free of cost on 27th & 28th Jan, 2021. Students can give the test online anytime in between 9 AM to 5 PM.


The Assessment link is getting shared in advance but it will be active on 27th Jan for 2nd year and on 28th Jan for 3rd year students of MITS Only.

Demo  Video: 

2nd year students- 2023 batch   
Assessment Date and time: 27th January 2021-9 AM to 5PM   
Username:  mits104985_2ndyr_jan2021           
Password: teqip 


3rd year students- 2022 batch   
Assessment Date and time: 28rd January 2021-9 AM to 5PM   
Username: mits104985_3rdyr_jan2021            
Password: teqip 

Live chat support Link ( kindly share with all students)

Please click on to chat with us for technical support during assessment.

**Support will be available from 9AM-6PM,**

Requirements for online test

To take up assessment remotely, students should have the following -

  • Computer system (Laptop / Desktop)
  • Web Camera facility
  • Internet connection – 1mbps or more
  • Browser - Chrome or Mozilla Firefox should be used with updated latest version


  • Android Smartphone (Supports test on Web Browser)
  • Camera facility permission should be enabled at the Google chrome browser
  • We recommend using Wi-Fi if available to take assessments for better experience
  • Notifications should be put on “Off” mode by selecting options under ‘Settings’
  • Browser - Chrome or Mozilla Firefox should be used with updated latest version
Please find attachment for below details, ( attachment sent in my previous mail)
  1. Form filling instructions and demo video ( the information regarding selection of domain modules mentioned in the video is only for 4th year. 2nd and 3rd year students have fixed compulsory modules. all other instructions remain the same for all 3 year batch students. 
  2. Online assessment requirement and Instructions PDF
  3. Android mobile web browser instructions PDF
Note: Credentials are shared solely with the Institute, only students of your campus are allowed to utilize the credentials.
For all technical support students need to contact our technical team through the live chat support link provided in this mail. AMCAT personals' contact number should not be shared with students.

Demo  Video: 

T&P cell

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